Your personal Guardian Angel

Experience Hanoi’s beauty with complete peace of mind with your own Guardian Angel.

What happens when you’re in real trouble in the middle of the night? What if you’re too sick or injured to make the necessary decisions yourself? No travel insurance policy can replace having a friend on call. Our members are never without support, and never have to rely on strangers.

Sign up now for our Guardian Angel programme and enjoy direct 24/7 contact with a dedicated local agent who understands you, knows your needs, and also knows the city, its people and its customs – as well as the correct legal procedures to follow to get you the best attention possible. You can be certain at every moment of your stay that there is someone who is committed and equipped to assist you immediately when you need help.

On arrival in Hanoi, you will be provided with a mobile phone number that you can call any time of the day or night.

*Save this number on your mobile phone as a name beginning with “ICE”: this stands for “In Case of Emergency”.

You don’t have to worry about language barriers or cultural differences. Whenever you are in serious trouble anywhere in the city of Hanoi and surroundings, your personal Guardian Angel will answer the phone, identify your location and immediately be on his way to help you.

As a member, you’ll know that your personal Guardian Angel is always on call to ensure that the following services are available to you:

  1. No matter what time your emergency occurs, your Guardian Angel will drive to your location and provide whatever help you need.
  2. If an ambulance is required, your Guardian Angel will arrange one from the most appropriate medical service, and will make sure that the medical staff are briefed correctly about your condition and medical needs.
  3. Your Guardian Angel will help you arrange a visit to a doctor; even finding one who speaks your home language if required.
  4. If necessary, your Guardian Angel will escort you to the police station, and help you file a complaint.
  5. Where appropriate, your Guardian Angel will contact your embassy directly on your behalf.
  6. Your Guardian Angel will help you with formalities and paperwork to contact and claim your insurance.
  7. In case of emergency, your Guardian Angel will inform your loved ones and keep them updated on an ongoing basis.

Based on the low probability that you will need to call your Guardian Angel into action, we’re able to spread the costs and offer you this round-the-clock peace of mind at very affordable rates.

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